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I don’t know if anyone┬áreads this (or cares)?

1.The Level One ACS TRAINING is cancelled, again.

2. The State mandated commitment for the ACS leadership to be re-examined every two years seems to have been ignored. Positions were to be opened, applied for, reviewed by the County, and filled last November.

3.We CANNOT focus on INTERNET routed links. What sets us apart from other communication networks, is our ability to function independently from the wired telecommunications network. All internet is part of that network with fiber optic cables from WIFI, Cell Towers, End Users, and telephone company Central Offices which are susceptible to power, noise, and connectivity problems! We need to focus on getting information analog or digital, from point A to point B directly! The more of our “gear” connected to the internet, the more vulnerable we become to hacking and cyber attack.

4. We were not needed during the second wettest Winter in Sonoma County in the last 30 years.

[Thanks to those who were READY!]



Rick Sealock N6GY