South Sonoma County
Auxiliary Communication Service
Serving Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Sonoma State University, surrounding areas, and provides relay traffic to the costal relays.
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South Sonoma County

Auxiliary Communication Service

Net Script

1) At 1900 hrs. monitor 146.730 MHz., ACS County net, take notes so the information presented can be repeated on the local net.

2) At 1910 hrs tune to 146.910 MHz., listen for any traffic, then make the announcement:

The weekly Sonoma ACS South County Net will begin in 5 minutes.

3) At 1915 read the following:

Good evening, this is ________ (give name and callsign) Net Control for the weekly Monday night Sonoma ACS South County Net. The purpose of this net is to share ACS, ARES, VIP and CAP information. This net serves the cities of Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Cotati, and surrounding areas and also provides relay traffic to the coastal relays. BREAK

If you need the repeater for an emergency during the net, please break in using the words emergency traffic when transmitting. BREAK

Check in is by roll-call. You do not have to be an ACS member to check in, however an interest in joining ACS is appreciated.

ACS is the county Auxiliary Communications Service
ARES, is the ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service
VIP, is the Cal. Fire Volunteers In Prevention program.
CAP, is the Civil Air Patrol.

These emergency communication groups are presently interfaced to the County of Sonoma through the Department Of Emergency Services ACS.

Check our web site at for important dates and further information. [repeat the web address]


4) After a short pause ID with your call letters then begin roll-call at the call letters below yours. Remember, 146.910 does not key up quickly. When you come to the first person who checks in, ask if they can be Net Control Station (NCS) next time. If they agree, then ask the next person to check in if they will be the Alternate NCS.

Don’t forget late or missed check-ins and guest check-ins.

Are there any late or missed check-ins? Members only for now, please.

5) Id, then recap the county net. Pause occasionally by saying “BREAK” then un-keying and waiting for the repeater squelch-tail.

Does anyone have any questions regarding the announcements?

Next I’ll introduce the unit leader and assistants.

Are there other agency representatives with any traffic?

Is there a coast relay representative with any traffic?

Does anyone have anything for the net?

6) When no further traffic take late and guest check-ins.

Are there any late or missed member check-ins or guests?

Thanks to all who checked in, you are all released. This net is closed. We thank the Sonoma Mountain Repeater Society for the use of this repeater system and now return it to general amateur radio use.

This is… (name and callsign) CLEAR.

7) Get a copy of the check-ins to WB6MVT so he can turn them in to the county. If he is not on the net, email him at


(Revision 05 Dec 2018)